Hello, I’m Annie Ehrenreich.  As a kindergartener I crayoned all over my paper in different colors, covered it all with solid black, and then scraped it away to reveal multi-colored designs.  As a teenager I obsessed about the collage posters on my wall being placed exactly level.  As a returning adult college student, I fell in love with Medieval Christian art when I took my first (and only) Art History course.  

The Holy Image collaborations were first, and then came the Secular line.  I love how the group massed together seems to highlight the individual artwork.  I hope others will feel as I do and enjoy these art mosaics with a depth of appreciation for each individual work of art as well as for the impact of the whole.

My husband Mark and I make a happy life in Texas but miss the seasonal changes of the Northeast from where we came.  We look for God wherever we find he sets us, and we look for nature in the city.  We have a life goal of completely wearing out our hiking boots.  Our children and grandchildren, as well as our friends who are family and family who are friends, make up our life.

I would love to hear about YOU!  Please drop me an email and tell me what brings you to Art Mosaic Designs, what your kindergarten art looked like, or anything else you want to share my way.

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